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With the value of an iPhone 4 it was possible to buy 17,990 Bitcoins, which today would be worth R$ 1 billion

Money invested in smartphone during launch in 2010 could be worth a fortune if applied in cryptomoedas

Who decided to buy an iPhone 4 during the launch of the device in 2010, currently has an obsolete cell phone at the bottom of the drawer. However, for those who invested in Bitcoin instead of buying the smartphone, the amount invested would already exceed $ 1.16 billion.

Thus, a comparison between the iPhone and investments in Profit Revolution app demonstrates how cryptomoeda has undergone a huge appreciation in the last ten years, as shown by an investor in a Facebook publication.

Investor moves ‚Bitcoin asleep‘ after mining 1 thousand units that were worth only R$ 0.10 in the market

MaurĂ­cio Massao compared the launch price of all iPhones in the market with the value of Bitcoin at that moment. While in 2010 you could buy 17,990 units of BTC with the price of the iPhone 4, in 2020 you can only buy a fraction of 0.063 Bitcoin with the value of the iPhone 12.
iPhone and Bitcoin

The iPhone 4 sales were officially launched in Brazil on September 17, 2010, and this version of the Apple brand was sold for $ 1,799 that year.

However, this amount would yield almost 18 thousand Bitcoins instead of an iPhone 4, when considered the price of cryptomoeda that year. Thus, after ten years the amount in Bitcoin would be worth more than one billion reais.

Thus, in September 2010 the price of Bitcoin was only worth about R$ 0.10 each unit. However, currently the price of BTC is almost R$ 65 thousand, making 18 thousand units worth R$ 1.6 billion considering the price for cryptomeda this Sunday (19).

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In other words, that you decided to buy Bitcoin instead of an iPhone 4 in 2010 can be considered a billionaire today. On the other hand, an iPhone 4 in the market is worth no more than R$ 300 in websites that trade the used device.

Bitcoin price in 2010

Cryptomoeda went up and cellular devalued

The iPhone 4 was officially launched by Apple in 2010, and since then the technology company has launched eight new versions of the device on the market in recent years.

Thus, the iPhone 4 model has significantly lost the value it had since its launch. On the other hand, those who decided to invest in Bitcoin saw the value of the ipHone 4 transformed into a billionaire fortune.

If in 2010 an iPhone 4 cost R$ 1,799, in 2020 the iPhone 12 is being sold around R$ 4,070 in Brazil. However, the value corresponding to the Apple brand cell phone in Bitcoins has suffered a huge difference in the last ten years with the rise of the market for cryptomoedas.

Therefore, it is currently not possible to buy even 10% of an entire Bitcoin with the price of an iPhone 12. The comparison between the price of the cell phone in the market and the price of cryptomoeda serves to demonstrate how BTC has faced a huge appreciation in the last decade.